We all have the potential to make a huge difference in our community no matter how small we perceive our contribution to be whether it is financial, volunteer work or participation in an event. Together we can all make a difference.

I really believe in the amazing work carried out by all of our local charities and for that reason I have chosen two charities very close to my heart, namely, Cudeca cancer care hospice and FAMA Foundation for Abandoned and Mistreated Animals. For every sale that I complete I will donate 100€ to both of these charities.

Even if your are not buying a property through us I encourage you to take a look at the amazing work these charities do by following the link to their website and perhaps make a direct donation. Many thanks!

Fundación Cudeca

Cancer Care Hospice is a non-profit organization that offers professional medical care to patients suffering from cancer or other advanced non-curable illnesses, as well as support to their families. All of which they give completely free of charge.


F.A.M.A. is a foundation that is funded solely by voluntary contributions to provide an acceptable standard of life to abandoned animals while they are in our care. F.A.M.A’s policy is never to have a healthy animal put to sleep.
The idea of F.A.M.A. was originally conceived by Pat Coleman in the summer of 2003. In January 2004, a small group of like-minded individuals dedicated to the welfare of animals formed what is now the F.A.M.A. Committee. Since then, F.A.M.A has successfully arranged the adoption of over 2,000 dogs.

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Fundraising hike to La Concha Marbella for F.A.M.A

Fundraising Hike to La Concha in aid of F.A.M.A. 2017

Thanks to our great guide Oliver, along with our amazing hikers Melissa, Richard, Maureen, Jayne and Caz and all of the wonderful people who donated money, we were able to raise 2,277€ for F.A.M.A.

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